Web Applications  
FLEET Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System Solution is an always on connected navigation system that helps you improve management and control of your vehicles and drivers through an easy two-way communication and navigation for your people on the road and in the office. Always on connection solutions is combined with smart navigation and communication tools; all you need is access to the web-based Fleet Management system; no special software or interference from IT is needed.
Web Link : http://www.fleet.teknotrack.com

Donation Box Monitoring System

Donation Box Monitoring system is used for the purpose of securing the Donation Boxes kept on the Roads. It Auto alerts in the case of Donation Box full, Moving of the donation box and lots more.
Web Link : http://www.donationbox.teknotrack.com

Taxi Dispatch System

Taxi Dispatch system is a solution for Taxi Booking Agents, who can hire and get a contract with Taxis and provide a efficient Taxi Booking Solution by generating different types of reports, Money management and lots more...
Web Link : http://www.taxidispatch.teknotrack.com