Service Vehicle Tracking System
Broadcast Quality MP3 Module
MP3 Player Evaluation Board
Vehicle Tracking System Product Brief
Audio Over IP
Portable Media Player
  1. Service Vehicle Tracking System  
  The Service Vehicle Tracking System is the unique product which is used at various Car Service stations. The product includes both Hardware and software, complete solution is provided by STEM. The product has been designed with the help of Various Service Supervisors and Service advisers from different authorized service stations.

The objective of this product is to Track the vehicles under service, Ensure to meet promised delivery time, Generate efficiency chart of technicians, Ensure customer satisfaction, to keep the update on the status of the vehicle to the customer at each stage, to alert the technicians and many other. Download presentation and technical specification for more details.
  Download presentation  
  Download technical presentation  
  2. Broadcast Quality MP3 Module  
  STEM has developed Braoadcast Quality MP3 Module and supplied to many Broadcast solution providers over India and Abroad as an OEM Product.

The credit card sized Module is able to deliver high quality Audio output.
  Download product Brief  
  3. MP3 Player Evaluation Board  
  STEM's MP3 Reference design kit offers complete software programmable. Supports for USB 2.0 and SD card. The Design kit is ideal for evaluating for your Audio product.  
  Download product Brief  
  4. Vehicle Tracking System Product Brief  
  STEM's Vehicle tracking system unit is cost effective product with full features of latest technologies.

STEM is giving complete solution on Vehicle tracking system unit including fleet management.The product is fully tested and installed at field.
  Download the product brief for more information.  
  5. Audio Over IP  
  Coming Soon  
  6. IP STB  
  Coming Soon  
  7. Portable Media Player  
  Coming Soon